Winterizing Boats – A Checklist for Boaters

Winter has struck your dock. Now what? As you begin winter proofing your home and cars, let’s not forget about your boat. Is it likely that you’ve been putting this daunting task off for weeks? Sure! Can you still recover and get on the ball – Absolutely!

The key benefits of preparing your boat for the winter early translate in more time out on the water, head ache free. If you’ve been a boat owner for years, it’s likely your process is custom tailored. Letting your boat sit for months at a time with out proper care can be problematic. So, don’t put this off for too much longer and check out this helpful guide on winterizing your boat from our friends at Yamaha.

Save these Winterize Your Boat Tips from Lighthouse Marine as a pdf.

WInterize Boats Lighthouse Marine Virginia Beach Yamaha
Winterize Boats - Lighthouse Marine Va - Yamaha Checklist