A perfect mix of the Chesapeake Bay and Atlantic Ocean has made Virginia a nationally recognized go-to spot for anglers. Here are three amazingly beneficial reasons to go fishing.

Millions of visitors flock to the beaches. With a 74% repeat visitor rate and many active locals fishing for fun, Virginia Beach is chock full of amazing nature attractions and sights.


1.) Provides Great Health Benefits

The simple joy of being in the open outdoors and connecting with nature is enough for many. Fishing provides many health benefits such as stress reduction, increased vitamin D levels, cardiovascular exercise, and increased dexterity. According to research, eating fish can also save your eyesight, reduce blood pressure, and cut risk of developing rheumatoid arthritis in half.

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2.) Eat More Fish & Feel Great

America has a 7.4% hunger rate and over half the population lives within 50 miles of the coast. Fishing for dinner is a great way to help decrease these numbers. Not to mention the health push for wild caught marine life has been increasingly popular in public consumption. Not only will you reap all the low-fat, high-protein benefits of your catch. Fresh fish tastes better than grocery store wrapped and will save you money.

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Virginia is home to the best cobia (pictured), croaker, flounder, stripped bass and flounder. (FinTales)

3.) Recreation and Bonding

While many people consider these benefits a lot of folks go fishing for the pleasure it brings them. Sharing the serene and skillful activity of fishing with family and friends can help strengthen your relationships. In a world with such a thick technology craze, unplugging and relaxing can be a seldom thing. Fishing provides the escape to nature where you can forget the office, school and other stressors.

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Virginia Beach’s First Landing State Park offers a family fun environment for all of our tours and rentals customers