Octopus Eggs Hatching: Balloons & Things

These bulbous sacs explode with cute baby octupuses.

Well, it’s less of an explosion than it is a fascinating visual answer to the birth of octupuses. Like, just where do these eight legged creatures spawn from? How many are born at a time? We’ll have to dive deep into the ocean to solve the mysterious birth of baby octopuses.

Octopuses: Intelligent Creatures of Mischief

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“Octopuses are considered the most intelligent of all invertebrates. Scientific studies are increasingly confirming that they are sentient creatures.” – Source

Common octopuses will collect crustacean shells and other objects to construct fortresses, or “gardens,” around their lairs. 

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Octopuses squirt black ink, a pigment containing mainly melanin, to obstruct the view of their predators and get away.

Octopuses are ranked as the most intelligent invertebrates. In the third century AD, Roman natural historian Claudius Aelianus wrote “Mischief and craft are plainly seen to be the characteristics of this creature.” – Wikipedia

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Octopuses have eight legs, three hearts, and one brain!