Blake has never tried sushi before, so Jimmy takes him to Nobu to broaden his horizons. #sushi #saltlife

Blake Shelton goes on an entertaining sushi date with Jimmy Fallon which reminds him of why he’s never tried sushi.

The meal was off to a rough start before the sushi even came out, when he was given a hot towel.
“Don’t eat this,” Fallon joked to Shelton. “It’s not a sushi roll; it’s a hot towel. You clean your hands with it.”

Then came the sake, which he thought tasted like “Easter egg coloring.” He did, however, seem to develop a taste for the rice wine and kept requesting for more several times during the meal.
When the sushi finally arrived, Fallon tried setting his dinner date at ease by saying “Don’t be freaked out,” Fallon reassured Shelton. “Look how colorful; look how beautiful!”
Shelton described the sushi in the most hysterical ways for instance stating that the tuna had a Play-Doh texture.
By the completion of the sushi date Shelton was rewarded a Big Mac.