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Here at Lighthouse Marine  safety is our main goal. Jet Skis can be an exhilarating and enjoyable activity for family and friends. While the excitement of a jet skiing comes from speeding across waves. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t do it responsibly.  Jet skiers have responsibilities to other water operators & themselves to ride in a safe manner. It’s significant to know how to stay safe and how to behave with respect to other users when sharing the water.  In Thus, we give you 5 Jet Ski safety tips that can save only your life & everybody on the water with you.

1. Wear Proper Safety Equipment

Never operate your Jet Ski without the safety lanyard attached to you. The lanyard will immediately shut off the Jet Ski’s engine in case you  fall off. Its important to wear an appropriate life jacket as a safety precaution.  Tennis shoes or deck shoes and gloves offer better control of your machine.

2. Be Aware of Other Water Users

Jet skiers essentially share the waters with boats, fisherman, swimmers, surfers, and water skiers. Keep your distance and respect their rights to safely access and use of the water. You should always be on the lookout for traffic on the water. It’s best to know where additional boats are and which direction they’re heading before turn or cross a wake. Unfortunately, collisions are the most common type of accident when jet skiing. Take particular attention to what other craft are around you.

3. Never Drink and Jet Ski

This should go without saying but on no occasion should drink and drive a Jet Ski. Sometimes that’s not the case. I know that taking a ride after a few drinks may seem like an breathtaking idea at the time. What you forget to mention is the possibility of injuries that you are at risk of.  An intoxicated passenger is never a great idea. Being intoxicated will aid distractions and possible accidents. The safety of you, your passenger, and others on the water will be put in jeopardy.

4. Be Aware of Your Surroundings

If your path takes you across the wake of another craft, make sure that the craft does not block both your own visibility and your visibility to others. You may not be visible to larger boats and may not be able to get out of your way in time to dodge a collision. Be sure to watch out for other people and boats around you. Its easy to get caught up in the fun of jet skis once you get the hang of it. You can never forget that there are boats, skiers, divers, and swimmers in your general area.

5. Who has the right of way?

Boats and other commercial and fishing vessels always have the right of way. When you’re approaching an oncoming craft, stay to the right. If you are about to cross paths with another boat or jet ski, the craft on the right side has the right of way.

Now that you have the tips on safety you can now start you Jet Ski Adventure. Whether it’s with the family, friends, or even a first date Lighthouse Marine  can assist you today. We offer 1 & 2 hour rental options.